Is It Possible to Make Your Road Motorcycle Ergonomically Suited to Your Body?

When purchasing your first road motorcycle, there are typical factors that you must consider. Most commonly, buyers will focus on their budget, the horsepower of the vehicle, purchasing a commuter versus a cruiser road motorcycle and so on. Yet, not many people will prioritise how comfortable their road motorcycle should be. The reality of the matter is that the ergonomics of your road motorcycle can have a considerable impact on your safety. To begin with, riding in an awkward posture for hours on end will eventually cause musculoskeletal injuries that could require the attention of a medical professional. Moreover, if you are riding uncomfortably, you will not have complete control over your road motorcycle, which increases the likelihood of accidents. Fortunately, there are minor adjustments that you can make that will have a substantial effect on how comfortable your road motorcycle will be. Check out the following ways that you can make your road motorcycle ergonomically suited to your body.

Adjust the handlebars

Handlebars are not manufactured in a one size fits all format. Instead, these components will differ depending on the type of road motorcycle that you own. The first thing that you should know is that the shape of the handlebars will influence how you grasp them. Secondly, the pullback that you experience with the handles bars will impact your posture, as your arms and shoulders will have to accommodate this motion. As such, you must consider your height. The shorter you are, the closer the handlebars need to be so that you are not straining to manoeuvre your road motorcycle or engage the brakes. In addition, you should adjust the grip with the size of your hands. For example, riders with large hands should opt for a thick grip, as this will feel more comfortable.

Install the right seat

A misassumption that some new road motorcycle owners make is that the seat that their bike comes with is what they should use for the duration of their ownership. However, this doesn't have to be the case. There are several reasons why you may need to have the seat changed out to something that will be more comfortable for your needs. For instance, the distance of your commutes will influence the type of seat that would be ergonomically suited to you. Individuals that plan on riding long distances with their road motorcycle should install a seat that will provide them with sufficient cushioning and support so that they are not sore after a long ride.

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