What Type of Motorcycle Do You Need for Off-Road Exploration?

Many people who love the idea of the great outdoors invest in a four-wheel-drive SUV and head off into the sunset. While this is certainly a great way to explore the Australian outback, you may want to go even further into the undergrowth and in this case, might be considering two wheels instead of four. Yet what type of bike should you choose for this type of activity?

Shapes and Sizes

Although you may not know it yet, motorcycles come in a variety of different configurations. You may be looking for a compromise so that you can use your machine on the black stuff as well as on the loose, or you may have more of a competitive edge and may even want to enter an off-road race.

Decision Time

You will need to make some decisions, however, to make sure that you get the very best type of machine for your chosen off-road activity. After all, you are primarily buying a bike for exploration purposes and will need something that is very suitable for the rough-and-tumble.

Different Categories

As you begin to look, you will find that different categories of bike have very different performance characteristics. The gear ratios will vary considerably so if you buy something that is more at home on a track, you will certainly suffer if you try and ride it along a bumpy or undulating trail. Bikes that are designed for trail rides have much lower gear ratios. This means that you can play with the throttle more effectively and do not need to ride the clutch so much when you encounter an obstacle.

Trail Capability

Do not expect bells and whistles or layers of comfort if you choose a bike that is meant for the trail. Certainly, it will have safety features and basic instrumentation, but it is meant for relatively low-speed exploration and off the beaten path activity.

Dual Sport

Some bikes are classified as "a dual-sport", and they will be capable of taking part in off-road activities while remaining street legal. As a compromise, this may be your best bet, and you may be able to ride this machine out to the trail and back home at the end of your dry and dusty day.

Making Your Mind up

If you're not sure, talk with experts who can help you. Discuss your ideal scenario with your motorcycle dealer, and they will be able to point you to the best machines.

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