Motorcycle Training: What You Will Learn on a Q-Ride Course

If you are thinking about purchasing a motorcycle, it is important that you think about attending a learning course which will help you to understand your bike and how to stay safe when riding it. The Q-Ride program is a great way to get some experience and knowledge before you have passed your basic rider training course. Read on to find out more about what you will learn on a Q-Ride course.

The basics 

If you don't have much knowledge, then this type learning, of course, is ideal for you. The instructors will start off with the basics such as the different parts of a motorcycle. You will also learn about the different control systems on the machine and how and when to use them. The instructors do not presume that attendees on the course have any prior knowledge.

The rules of the road

The course will provide you with a solid grounding in the rules of the road. As a motorcyclist, it is vital that you understand how you are expected to behave when out and about on the road. Following the rules of the road will help to keep you safe when you are riding your bike.

The importance of protective gear

A Q-Ride class will educate you about the importance of wearing the correct types of protective gear such as a crash helmet. You will also learn about the importance of wearing leathers or other protective materials so your skin is not damaged by the road surface if you come off your bike at speed.

How to deal with stress

Riding a bike can be stressful at times. A lot of stress comes from other road users who may cut in front of you, tailgate you, or behave in other inconsiderate ways. The course will equip you with the skills you need to identify and respond to dangerous situations in a calm manner, which keeps you safe.

How to ride at night

Riding a bike at night is completely different from riding on the road in the day time. The course will give you information on the importance of being seen by wearing high-visibility clothing, of selecting the correct headlight beam and how to deal with being dazzled by the headlights of other vehicles.

If you are interested in finding out more about this subject, you should get in touch with a company which provides Q-Ride training today.