Motorcycle Purchasing Tips: A Guide For First-Time Buyers.

Every motorsport enthusiast would want to own a bike. As a first-time buyer, you may have a difficult time buying your first bike. Read the article below for some motorcycle purchasing tips. 

What Bike Do You Need? 

There are different kinds of bikes; hence you should be sure what bike suits your needs. Below is a guide to assist you to choose a suitable bike;

  1. What do you need the bike for? A dirt bike is suited for off-road racing while a touring bike is designed for long-distance travels.
  2. What is your expertise? First-time riders may be unable to ride performance bikes with a large engine capacity.
  3. How often will you use the bike? Some bikes, such as dirt bikes, cannot be used outside the racing circuit.
  4. How will you maintain the bike? Inquire about the cost of spares and servicing. Choose a motorcycle whose spare parts are affordable and available in your locality.


Visit local dealerships and inquire about the price of the bike you need. You could also conduct some internet research to know the approximate value of the bike. If you have a tight budget, you could opt for a well-maintained, used motorbike. Alternatively, you could ask your bank for a low-interest loan. Since bikes are not as expensive as vehicles, you could opt to ask friends and family for a loan. Do not forget about extra costs such as insurance and transport. 

Finding the Right Dealer

Purchase the bike from a reputable dealer. Conduct some internet research on motorcycle forums and social media platforms to determine the reputation of various dealerships in your area. Staff at the facility should be welcoming and friendly. They should have ample knowledge of the motorcycle you intend to purchase. 

Some dealerships have long term relationships with manufacturers; therefore, they have access to genuine spare parts. 


Salespeople will take you seriously if they think you are a serious customer. Therefore, you will have the upper hand if you show knowledge in the motorbike you want to purchase. For instance, you could compare it with a similar bike from a different manufacturer. Do not be afraid to pit one dealership against the other. If you think you can get the bike at a lower price elsewhere, let the salesperson know. These are sure ways of getting a discount. 

First-time motorcycle buyers must conduct adequate research to ensure that the bike they purchase suits their needs. Do not let the thrill of your new bike trick you into breaking road rules.